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  • The difference between thin film and crystalline silicon solar panels

    【Abstract】Solar cells have a long history, but they are still in the development stage for a long time. When sunlight hits the solar cell, it will generate electric charge, and the photovoltaic effect will appear. The amount of charge depends on multiple factors: battery material (silicon, thin film

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  • Monocrystalline(Black) solar panel VS Polycrystalline(Blue) solar panel:Which is better?

    【Abstract】:In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection have been promoted globally, and more and more ordinary households have begun to gradually install solar panels. In many areas, it is impossible to solve power problems with conventional electricity in the short term, espec

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  • Features Of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner

    1st Sunflower currently has 4 different types of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner: wall-mounted, floor standing, Cassette and Duct High Pressure type. Different types and models have different degrees of cooling effect to suit different rooms. One of the most important features of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner is energy saving! Let us share the features of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner.

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  • Which Solar Panel Is Better? Thin Film VS Crystalline

    [Abstract] The choice of which solar panel to install depends on personal needs and suitability factors. Most of the time, people are not sure which solar panel system is best for them.Usually, people will evaluate and sum up the best choice of experts by analyzing cost and space factors. Two famous

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  • Features of gel battery

    【Abstract】 Gel batteries belong to a development category of lead-acid batteries. The method is to add a gelling agent to sulfuric acid to make the sulfuric acid electro-liquid become colloidal. Batteries in which the electrolyte is in a gel state are usually called gel batteries. The difference be

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  • How to increase the hot water outlet pressure of non-pressure solar water heaters?

    【Abstract】:When the solar energy market becomes more and more widespread, more and more people use solar water heaters worldwide, and the demand for solar water heaters is also increasing. At the same time, an affordable non-pressure solar water heater is loved by many families. The one-piece non-pr

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  • How To Fill Water To Domestic Non-pressurized Solar Water Heaters

    Solar water heater is a kind of hot water equipment widely used in the family, which brings us a good water use experience. The indispensable step before using solar water heaters is fill water to the tank. So today I will introduce some methods and precautions for fill water of solar water heaters:

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  • The Basics On How Solar Air Conditioning Works

    The Basics On How Solar Air Conditioning Works[Abstract] Sunflower currently provides 4 types of hybrid solar thermal air conditioners: Wall-Mounted Type-- Floor Standing Type-- Cassette Type-- High Pressure Duct Type. Each of them has different models with different capacities for different room ar

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  • Selection and calculation of battery

    【Abstract】The storage battery is one of the main components in the off-grid photovoltaic power station. Its main function is to store energy and convert the electrical energy provided by solar cells into chemical energy for storage. Generally, the battery pack is charged by the solar cell array duri

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  • The benefits of solar attic fan

    【Abstract】:Affected by the new coronavirus, global economic activity is gradually recovering.With the advent of summer, it is an urgent need for every family to ventilate and purify the room, breathe fresh air, and even reduce the concentration of germs.Solar Powered Attic Fan is being widely valued

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  • Case Analysis Of Solar Heating System For Swimming Pool

    Usually when designing a domestic solar heating system for swimming pool, 1st Sunflower will configure a complete solar hot water system according to the actual usage of the customer. Not only can it heat the swimming pool, but it also allows the whole family to use enough hot water throughout the year. We will analyze the details of the solar heating swimming pool system through actual cases.

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  • Advice on Selecting An Inverter For Home Solar Power System

    [Abstract] Before choosing an inverter that meets your needs, we recommend that you read this article and pay attention to the definitions explained. This will help you understand how to calculate and choose the right inverter.[Text]What size inverter should I use?The size of the inverter you choose

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  • Common problems of 100% solar air conditioner

    【Abstract】The DC48V 100% solar air conditioner is an independent off-grid solar system that uses a DC48V compressor to convert light energy into electrical energy using its own solar panels for independent operation of air conditioning equipment. Applicable to areas that are often interrupted when t

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  • Common problems of Photothermal hybrid solar air conditioner

    [Abstract]Adding solar attic fans to your home can protect it from seasonal damage and can provide modest energy savings. Running wiring to the attic can be a pain, solar can simplify the problem. In this guide we will discuss what to look for while install your solar attic fan.

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  • Benefits Of Installing Solar Attic Fan

    Solar attic fan is a ventilation device that uses solar panels to absorb sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy. Solar fans are mainly installed on the roof to allow people to ventilate the attic and adjust the temperature of the hot air to rise in the attic, thereby protecting the service life of the attic. In summer, the temperature of the roof can be lowered, and ventilation and moisture removal in winter can reduce the growth of mold. Let us look at some of the benefits of installing solar attic fan.

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  • Installation of Solar Attic Fan

    [Abstract] Adding solar attic fans to your home can protect it from seasonal damage and can provide modest energy savings. Running wiring to the attic can be a pain, solar can simplify the problem. In this guide we will discuss what to look for while install your solar attic fan.[Text]Good Soffit Ve

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  • The advantages of solar air conditioner

    【Abstract】Solar air conditioner refers to a new type of solar composite superconducting cooling and heating air conditioner. It uses solar energy and renewable biomass fuel as the main energy source for heating. It uses a small amount of electric energy to use the low temperature of the ground sourc

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  • Comparison of Photothermal hybrid solar air conditioner and 100% solar air conditioner

    Comparison of Photothermal hybrid solar air conditioner and 100% solar air conditioner

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  • Which Is Better: Mono vs. Poly Solar Panels?

    [Abstract] If you plan to install your first solar photovoltaic system on the roof, you may encounter problems with monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon. The same purpose of poly and mono panels is to use energy from the sun and convert it into usable electrical energy. Both use additional si

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  • How to solve the problem of overheating of solar collector?

    Solar collectors maybe overheat in hot summer or when they are not in use. The main reason for overheating is that since the sun rises, solar collectors automatically absorb heat. But when the absorbed heat is not used up in time, the heat will accumulate, and the temperature will rise, leading to overheating and causing damage to the system. Therfore, how to solve the overheating problem of solar collectors, the solutions and instructions are as follows.

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