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SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System

Off grid solar panel system can realize self power supply of electric equipment and is suitable for those places without public grid or where have electricity shortage often.

  • 350W,500W,1KW,1.5KW,2KW,3KW,5KW,6KW,8KW,10KW
  • Silicon wafer, tempered glass, aluminum alloy
  • Convert solar energy into electricity and supply electricity to electrical equipment
  • Completed solar power system with all necessary accessories
  • 3 years

1. Product Description

1.1 Overview

Off grid solar panel system can realize self power supply of electric equipment and is suitable for those places without public grid or where have electricity shortage often.
The solar power generation system has obvious pertinence, which can be customized according to the specific use requirements of users to achieve the best cost performance. The following factors need to be considered in the design:
  • The daily electricity consumption determines the total power of the solar panels.

  • The model of the solar recharge controller is determined by the number of solar panels and batteries.

  • The capacity of the battery determines the total amount of power that can be stored.

  • The total power and category of the household appliance determines the model of the inverter.

  • Sun insolation in different places.

  • User habits and requirements.

1.2  Structure

Off grid solar power system is mainly composed of solar panels, solar recharge controllers, inverters, batteries, solar PV combiner box, photovoltaic cables and brackets.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p1.2

1.3 Working Principle

In the off grid solar power system, solar panels convert sunlight into dc electricity,which is through solar recharge controller and stored in the battery. Then electricity is through off grid inverter, At this moment, the low-voltage DC electricity is converted into high-voltage AC electricity for electric equipment.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p1.3

2. Equipment Specifications and Detailed

2.1  Specifications

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p2.1

2.2 Detailed

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-2 panels:

Long lifetime: ≥25 years; Less power decrease.

Highest conversion efficiency of 17% solar cells.

Anti-reflecting coating and high transmission rate glass and mechanical strength.

High quality EVA and TPT to prevent destroying and water.

Good performance of preventing from atrocious weather such as wind and hails.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-3

2. solar recharge controllers:

Metal Cover, beautiful, good adaptability to weather changes.

Aluminum profile heatsink for fast heat dissipation and long service life.

LED screen, intuitive reading information, easy to operate.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-5

3. Batteries:

Maintenance-free battery, safe and environmentally friendly, ture green power.

1000-1200 times of recycling, good quality, long service life.

Strong adaptability to ambient temperature (-40°C--65°C).

Withstand long-term discharge capacity, cycle discharge capacity, deep discharge and high current discharge capability.

Overcharged and overdischarged self-protection.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p2.4

4. Off Grid Inverter:

Power frequency pure sine wave.

Input Voltage from 12V to 1000V.

Input Ampere 5A to 200AH.

Output voltage 110/220V/380v/400V.

Single phase and Three phase.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p2.5

5.Mounting Bracket:

Aluminum alloy material, high mechanical strength and good wind resistance.

Surface anodized for good corrosion resistance.

Special fasteners for solar module installation, fast and convenient.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-6

6.DC Solar PV Combiner Box:

Built-in lightning arrester, lightning protection, ensure safety on equipment and electricity use.

Equipped with safety device.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p2.7

7.PV Cables

Special PV cable.

Copper core wire halogen-free polyolefin insulation cover.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p2.8

8.MC4 connector

IP67 protection grade, waterproof and dustproof.

Maximum working voltage: DC1000V.

Working current: 30A.

PPO insulation shell material, heat resistant, wearable, durable, corrosion resistant, low flammability point.

3. Installation and Cases

3.1 Installation

  • Solar panels are installed on sunny, unobstructed ground, on flat roofs or on inclined roofs. The brackets need to be fixedly connected with mounting base.

  • The battery, controller, inverter, and combiner box are installed indoors to make waterproof and safety measures.

  • Do a good job in lightning protection and grounding, and observe the safety of electricity.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p3.1

3.2 Cases

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p3.2-1

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p3.2-2

4. Packaging and Transportation

  • Solar batteries are shipped in pallets or wooden cases.
  • Solar panels are better to be placed sideway and vertically.

SFM-OFF Off Grid Solar Panel System-p4

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