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1st sunflower provides timely and cutting-edge design solutions for green and sustainable products, promoting low-carbon natural and healthy lifestyles

1st sunflower aims to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for sustainable, pollution-free solar products, solar energy utilization, and health & sports, including design, manufacturing and delivery. The product range mainly includes solar water heaters, solar power systems, solar attic fans, solar air conditioners, health & sports products

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1st sunflower continuously improves products according to the regional characteristics and living habits of different countries to make the product more concise, more convenient to use, more efficient, less maintenance. It helps users reduce energy costs while maintaining comfort and protecting the environment. We are good at designing products and solutions that are right for you.
  • [Industry News] The difference between thin film and crystalline silicon solar panels

    【Abstract】Solar cells have a long history, but they are still in the development stage for a long time. When sunlight hits the solar cell, it will generate electric charge, and the photovoltaic effect will appear. The amount of charge depends on multiple factors: battery material (silicon, thin film

  • [Industry News] Monocrystalline(Black) solar panel VS Polycrystalline(Blue) solar panel:Which is better?

    【Abstract】:In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection have been promoted globally, and more and more ordinary households have begun to gradually install solar panels. In many areas, it is impossible to solve power problems with conventional electricity in the short term, espec

  • [Industry News] Features Of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner

    1st Sunflower currently has 4 different types of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner: wall-mounted, floor standing, Cassette and Duct High Pressure type. Different types and models have different degrees of cooling effect to suit different rooms. One of the most important features of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner is energy saving! Let us share the features of Hybrid Thermal Solar Air Conditioner.

  • [Industry News] Which Solar Panel Is Better? Thin Film VS Crystalline

    [Abstract] The choice of which solar panel to install depends on personal needs and suitability factors. Most of the time, people are not sure which solar panel system is best for them.Usually, people will evaluate and sum up the best choice of experts by analyzing cost and space factors. Two famous

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About Sunflower
1st sunflower has entered the field of solar energy products since 1998 with deep expertise and skills in solar energy products and green products, with ability of excellent product design, solution consulting and business support services, and is committed to maximizing value and reduce costs for customers. We specialize in providing green solutions and supplying quality products.
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1st Sunflower Certifications

1st Sunflower products are certified to a range of international and local quality and product standards. Such as SRCC, BV, Solar Keymark and CE certification. In addition the 1st sunflower manufacturing facility is ISO9001:2015 quality management certified.



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